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I can’t believe Supernatural is doing a Leviathan story

I'm catching up on Supernatural episodes, and I can't believe they're doing a Leviathan run. Every time they say "Leviathan," I think, "Nooooo! Run! This is the storyline that killed Dark Shadows!"

I used to love Dark Shadows reruns on the Sci-Fi Channel when I was in high school. And the show was going fine up until someone decided to do a Lovecraftian storyline about some eldritch monster called Leviathan.

It was all very complex and Lovecraftian with bits of The Omen and even new actors (Dark Shadows used the same actors constantly, to the point where it strained suspension of disbelief a little bit, when one man would be told by his wife that his kid was not really his kid, despite the fact that his kid looked exactly like every other Collins boy before and since.)

Anyway, the Leviathan story was supposed to be complicated and there was some unseen culty threat that no one could quite pin down. It went on for *ages*, until it became clear that even the writers didn't know what was going on or how to get out of it. Finally, the *entire cast* wound up mind-controlled members of the creepy death god cult. Every single person on the show. Then there was no conflict, because everyone just went around being cult members. Then the show ended, because it was like, "Seriously, nobody is doing anything. They're just all being in a cult and there's no way out of it."

They never did get out of that storyline. This was a show where people time traveled by reading the I Ching, and they couldn't deus ex machina their way out of that storyline.

It was almost epic how fail it was.

So now, whenever the Hardy Boys say "Leviathan," I go, "Noooooo! Run, before it's too late!"
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NY Photographers: Job opening at Refinery29


If anyone is interested, Refinery29 (one of my favorite fashion sites) has an opening for an assistant photo editor. It appears to be a full-time job with health insurance in NY. Good luck if you go for it!
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Multiple stories up today!

Today is weird, all my stories went up at once! (And I can't get on Facebook or Twitter to tell people about them because my VPN expired). Anyway ...

For Apartment Therapy, there's World of Wardrobes: Style Bloggers' Open Closets:

And over on The Gloss there's a truly horrifying Slut-o-Ween story about the time I dressed as Jessica Rabbit for Halloween. In 1988. I was seven. It was pretty much exactly as terrible as it sounds.
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Some bait must be taken

I just got back from Mongolia last night, and while still covered in all kinds of dirt, mud, unspeakable things, and probably a significant amount of camel hair, I discover this:

Let's see, it's gigantic, red, sparkly, and covered in feathers. Yep. I'm pretty much morally obligated to make this. There's not much I can do about it.
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My love/hate relationship with Giuseppe Zanotti

I'm coming to terms with an intense love/hate relationship with Giuseppe Zanotti. I fell in love with him over a pair of gray suede knee-high boots with brushed aluminum heels and pieced gray suede butterflies running up the calf in a restrained yet untrammeled flurry. I loved them because they injected an arty, boho vibe to the secretarial pencil skirts and turtlenecks I tended to wear at the time.

But our relationship has not been easy. Every time I start to trust him again, he comes up with something like this:

Image courtesy Racked NY

That might genuinely be the worst shoe ever made, and they're $995.

And then, when I reject him as finally having gone too far, he produces something like this:

Image courtesy

Gunmetal sparkle beatle boots? How did he know they're exactly what I was looking for, when I didn't even know it myself?
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Photorapher job posting

Hey photographer friends, just in case anyone is interested, Dartmouth is looking to hire a photographer. It's a pretty sweet job. You'd be the primary photographer for all the goings-on at the college and have your work distributed through print, digital, and news media. It's a full-time, salaried position. Job #0512002 at http://searchjobs.dartmouth.edu/
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An open letter to people who pleat a lot:

Which pleater is best? I'm hoping one of you has tried them all and compare, because otherwise I'm going to have to do it, and that sounds like a lot of work.

1. Perfect Pleater:

2. Fluting iron:

Argh! I give up. I had different ones to ask about, but my Internet has been GFWed and I can't get any pictures. If you can think of other options, please let me know in the comments.
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I wish I were going to CoCo with everybody else.

Unfair! Everyone with their awesome clothes are going off to Costume College. I wish I could go! Man, I really vacillate on China. I careen pretty wildly between "being in China is awesome" and "but there's stuff at home I want to do!"
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Look at this amazing/crazy vintage face dress

from: http://calivintage.tumblr.com/
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Check out these cool ball-joint doll tights

They're for sale for 2000 yen ($25) here: http://selfer.cart.fc2.com/ca10/18/p-r-s/

Originally from The Gloss
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